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What’s in Store for Spring 2020

What’s in Store for Spring 2020

Welcome to The Luxe Cwtch

Hello lovely people and welcome to my very first blog post, not just of the year, but ever! I started The Luxe Cwtch in the latter part of 2019 having discovered the joy of chunky knitting with Merino Wool. Back with all the excitement of setting up The Luxe Cwtch and preparing orders for all my lovely new customers, before I knew it my favourite time of year, Christmas, was upon us and I didn’t get the chance to write an initial introductory blog post as there was heaps going on, not just with knitting, but with the usual family preparations and celebrations that arise at that time of year.

So, with the festive season firmly behind us (which included far too many mince pieces and glasses of Sherry) we are now ready to take on the new decade and I would like to start with a big hello to everyone who’s taking time to read this, and a huge thank you to all my customers who helped get the business off the ground.

I hope 2020 got off to a great start for you – it certainly has a good feel about it for me. As is often the case, a new year marks a time for renewal and rejuvenation, whether that be dry January, a Pilates class or undertaking a new challenge. The new year is a brilliant opportunity to make improvements in all aspects of your life. If decorating or updating your decor is on the agenda, then why not compliment this by adding a beautiful handcrafted Merino wool accessory to your home? Part of creating a comfortable home environment comes from surrounding yourself with the colours you love; everyone’s taste is unique and picking colours that appeal to you personally can significantly enhance your mood. We stock an enormous range of colours, and are adding new colour blends to our range, so you really will be able to pick your favourite shade. 

In recent years wool has been seen to play an increasingly large role in home design and its inherent natural properties make it a captivating choice. Natural fibres are favourable over synthetics for a plethora of good reasons. Merino Wool, which is considered the finest and softest, is both antibacterial and antimicrobial and contains fatty acids which inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould, so it does not have to be frequently washed. It is renewable, recyclable and eventually biodegradable, making it a more ethical and environmentally sound choice over manmade fibres. The ultimate in warmth, softness and luxury, Merino looks and feels amazing. Furthermore, research has shown the positive role of wool in ensuring a better sleep, and we all love a good night sleep don’t we!!

Our current range of products includes blankets, showpieces, bed runners and wreaths, and by popular demand we are expanding our line to include cushions and footstools. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours, sizes and prices, to create the ultimate bespoke gift for yourself, friend, colleague, family member or loved one. 

So, let’s have a look at what we are going to be doing in The Luxe Cwtch HQ in the coming months… Our first important occasion coming up soon is Valentine’s Day, and if you’re stuck for ideas on what to give a loved one then a Merino Wool product could be just the answer! Wrap them (and you) up in a deliciously soft blanket in their favourite colour. If they are the sentimental type, why not surprise them with a beautiful heart shaped wreath or cushion; and if you’re taking it to the bedroom… how about impressing them with luxurious bed runner. All of these items are unique, and hand crafted by me, making a thoughtful and perfect Valentine’s gift. Browse the website for inspiration and remember to place your order in time for me to create it and have it delivered to you by February 14th.

Then comes Mother’s Day which falls on March 22nd this year, a day on which you can show your mama just how cherished and important she is to you. If you are looking for a gift that is guaranteed to delight, then look no further. A handcrafted Merino Wool gift shows that thoughtfulness and care have gone into picking that special present. Maybe she’d love a cushion, blanket or footstool to match her home, in her favourite colour, or a wreath to hang on a wall or door. You know your mum best, so take a look and get picking!

Well, that about sums up my first post – I hope I haven’t missed anything. I’ll be checking back in next quarter, keep your eyes peeled for our exciting new product which shall be launched very soon. Once again thank you all for your support and thanks for reading. 

A big cwtch from me,


The Luxe Cwtch xx

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Natalie Nurse
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Product Information

Merino wool can be dry cleaned but we recommended that you spot clean our products, if necessary, using a clean white cloth, soaked in warm water and squeezed. Gently dab the stain, but do not rub as this may cause damage to the ­fibres. All blankets and products are recommended for light to moderate use. Over time, as the fabric ages, pilling will occur and although we do our best to prepare the wool prior and after knitting, some pilling is inevitable due to the delicate ­fibres of unspun Merino wool. Pilling is caused by friction of the ­fibres rubbing together and when this occurs, we need to care for the blanket. To do this we need to love our blanket, gently pet the blanket as you would your cat to iron out the majority of the pilling. Any additional small pieces that are left can either be gently pulled with your ­fingers or carefully removed with scissors. Be careful when using scissors as this can cause blunted ends on the blanket, and we do not want that!!!

We recommend petting your blanket frequently is the best way to reduce pilling. The good news is the more you take care of your blanket and the more you love and pet your blanket the less the pilling will become.


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Please allow 7-10 days for your item to be made. Enquiries for faster delivery can be made via our email to:, however this may not be guaranteed if demand is high, or it is a busy time of the year. Postage and Packaging costs vary depending on what product is purchased, a quotation for posting will be given at the time of the order and will be in addition to the product cost. All items will be posted by recorded delivery and will require a signature as proof of receipt.