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Show Piece

Show Piece


Brighten and comfy up your living space with these 100% pure Merino wool show pieces.

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Brighten and comfy up your living space with these 100% pure Merino Wool knitted blanket show pieces. Smaller than our blankets, these super soft and stylish knitted blanket home décor products can be draped over furniture and easily rearranged and used to suit your needs. Show pieces are a great way to create texture, warmth and detail throughout your home and the tactile immersive texture of Merino Wool is perfect for snuggling up in.

Our 100% Merino Wool knitted blankets are soft and inviting to the touch, they draw you in and help you to relax.  Their unique hand crafted quality brings added joy to the design. Merino wool’s natural heat regulating properties are ideal for use by all ages to enjoy. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic qualities of these knitted blankets make them safe to use for anyone susceptible to allergies.

Choose from four designs and hundreds of colours.

Show Piece Small
Pizzaz up your furniture a beautiful hand crafted pure Merino Wool show piece knitted blanket. Approximate dimensions 96  x 51 cm.

Show Piece – Large
Large, super soft and stylish show piece knitted blanket, lovingly hand crafted from 100% pure Merino wool. An elegant and comfortable addition to your home. Approximate dimensions 115  x 43 cm.


Additional information

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Wool Colour

Lightning, Pearl, Oyster, Sandstone, Mink, Mocca, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Sienna, Candy Floss, FloPink, Barbie, Hot Pink, Magenta, Rose, Raspberry, Fuschia, Damson, Violet, Ultra Violet, Amethyst, Storm, Tanzanite, Aubergine, Petrol, Heather, Orchid, Lavender, Hyacinth, Elderberry, Salmon, Coral, Begonia, Scarlet, Poppy, Crimson, Ruby, Mulberry, Loganberry, Claret, Burgundy, Rust, Damask, Cinnamon, Terracotta, Pumpkin, Peach, Marigold, Sunset, Amber, Antique, Mustard, Buttercup, Corn, Catkin, Jonquil, Laburnum, Gooseberry, Lichen, Sage, Citrus, Leaf, Chartreuse, Emerald, Grass, Lawn, Olive, Forest, Willow, Conifer, Peppermint, Aqua, Mint, Jade, Teal, Spearmint, Cerulean, Turquoise, Duck Egg, Moss, Mallard, Aquamarine, Denim, Ocean, Fusion, Sapphire, Royal, Cornflower, Mediterranean, Sky, Dream, Seal, Ash, Pewter, Granite, Charcoal, Midnight, Raven, Once Upon a Time, Worth Melting For, Over the Rainbow, Happy Ever After, Humbug, Unicorn


Large, Small


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Product Information

Merino wool can be dry cleaned but we recommended that you spot clean our products, if necessary, using a clean white cloth, soaked in warm water and squeezed. Gently dab the stain, but do not rub as this may cause damage to the ­fibres. All blankets and products are recommended for light to moderate use. Over time, as the fabric ages, pilling will occur and although we do our best to prepare the wool prior and after knitting, some pilling is inevitable due to the delicate ­fibres of unspun Merino wool. Pilling is caused by friction of the ­fibres rubbing together and when this occurs, we need to care for the blanket. To do this we need to love our blanket, gently pet the blanket as you would your cat to iron out the majority of the pilling. Any additional small pieces that are left can either be gently pulled with your ­fingers or carefully removed with scissors. Be careful when using scissors as this can cause blunted ends on the blanket, and we do not want that!!!

We recommend petting your blanket frequently is the best way to reduce pilling. The good news is the more you take care of your blanket and the more you love and pet your blanket the less the pilling will become.


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Please allow 7-10 days for your item to be made. Enquiries for faster delivery can be made via our email to:, however this may not be guaranteed if demand is high, or it is a busy time of the year. Postage and Packaging costs vary depending on what product is purchased, a quotation for posting will be given at the time of the order and will be in addition to the product cost. All items will be posted by recorded delivery and will require a signature as proof of receipt.