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The Luxe Cwtch

About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting, I’m Natalie and I lovingly hand create all the products at The Luxe Cwtch. I fell in love with chunky knitting the moment I first picked up a giant ball of Merino Wool yarn and quickly became addicted, so much so that it seemed a natural step to turn it in to a business, which was how The Luxe Cwtch was born.

The results you get with using giant Merino Wool are mightily impressive and there are literally thousands of options to choose from with different colours, designs, textures and sizes, with every piece being unique. It gives me immense pleasure to know that each item I make will find its way into someone’s home. Newborn babies will snuggle in them, children and loved ones will be cuddled in them; I’m sure there will be both tears and laughter shared between them. Merino Wool has exceptional qualities which make it ideal to use for creating blankets that will be used next to your skin. Read on to find out more about why Merino Wool is such a good choice.

I’m delighted you are here and hope you enjoy my chunky knitting products! Please do not hesitate to contact me on with any questions or special requests.


Merino Wool, Our Wool
Merino Wool, Our Wool

Merino Wool, Our Wool

Our Wool

Merino Wool, derived from the Merino sheep is renowned for its exceptional properties. It is superior to other wool types due to its ultrafine fibres which are softer and more sensitive, making it an ideal fabric to work with.

It’s no wonder that Merino Wool is the most popular and sought after wool, its qualities include it being a great insulator with a water repellent outer layer. At the same time it is breathable and does not allow heat to become entirely trapped within it so that the wearer cannot overheat, whilst it also regulates the body temperature.

Merino Wool is a superb choice for infants and toddlers due to it hypoallergenic properties and does not pose any risk to those that suffer from allergic reactions. It has anti-microbial properties that enable it to be odour resistant, a useful quality with young children and babies where there is often a chance of spillages and unwelcome discharges to be mopped up.

What’s not to love about this stellar fabric!

A note on caring for your Merino Wool products…

Merino Wool can be dry cleaned but we recommended that you spot clean our products, if necessary, using a clean white cloth, soaked in warm water and squeezed. Gently dab the stain, but do not rub as this may cause damage to the ­fibres. All blankets and products are recommended for light to moderate use. Over time, as the fabric ages, pilling will occur and although we do our best to prepare the wool prior and after knitting, some pilling is inevitable due to the delicate ­fibres of unspun Merino Wool. Pilling is caused by friction of the ­fibres rubbing together and when this occurs, we need to care for the blanket. To do this we need to love our blanket, gently pet the blanket as you would your cat to iron out the majority of the pilling. Any additional small pieces that are left can either be gently pulled with your ­fingers or carefully removed with scissors. Be careful when using scissors as this can cause blunted ends on the blanket, and we do not want that!!!

We recommend petting your Merino Wool blanket frequently is the best way to reduce pilling. The good news is the more you take care of your blanket and the more you love and pet your blanket the less the pilling will become.